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English Level Assessments


There are a number of internationally recognised testing systems that can evaluate a candidate level of English ability, such as IELTS®, TOIEC®, TOEFL®, but there are situations when for reasons of timing, cost and convenience, an alternate method of testing and evaluating is required. This is why we have developed our English Language Assessment. Based on the structure of IELTS®, but with the important addition of a dedicated grammar section, the assessment will automatically grade a candidate's abilities in listening, reading and grammar, as well as providing a detailed rubric for writing and speaking assessment, the test is available to institutions only and is not offered to individual candidates.


We have two options for access to the assessments:


1. Assessment access on our installation

This means that the assessment is hosted on our site and you are given an administrative login. We do not limit the number of candidates that can be tested during your access period although we do operate a 'fair use' policy, meaning that if your use of the assessment is slowing down the site for other users, we may require you to select the self-hosted option (NOTE: in the three years that our assessment has been in operation, we have never needed to enforce this as it would require upwards of 5000 users at one time!). The assessment is branded to your logo and colours. the advantage of this option is that all maintenance of the tests is handled by us, with regular changes and updates to the material to ensure that the assessment remains valid and secure.


Cost: $800 NZD p/a (plus GST if you are New Zealand based)


2. Self hosted


The assessment can be installed on your website for a one-off payment. We will need temporary access to your site to install the material and brand it to your colours and design.


Cost: $2,400 NZD (plus GST if you are New Zealand based)


Please contact us for more information or a trial login. Please note that we will require the request to come from an organisation email (this is to avoid potential candidates from obtaining a login). If you have a login, please click here to access the assessment. Please note that we will soon be moving the online assessment to a 'neutral' domain so that your candidates will not need to be directed to this website before attempting the assessment if you select the 'hosted' option.


Our publications


Four IELTS books are available in the High Impact IELTS® series written by ILSNZ and published by Pearson Education


High Impact IELTSHigh Impact IELTS Students Book

High Impact IELTS is a comprehensive book aimed at helping students pass the Academic Module of the IELTS exam. The course offers 250 hours of tuition in 108 lessons, clearly divided between Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking, giving a clear focus to every lesson. Every unit has a specific IELTS theme (e.g. the environment, social issues). Each lesson in the unit has a specific aim (e.g. paragraphing, multiple choice). Important or useful hints for the course are highlighted in a Point of Impact.


Hi Impact IELTSHigh Impact IELTS Teachers Guide with model answers

The Teacher's Guide is more than just an answer key; there are suggested lesson delivery methods, some useful ways to introduce your topic and guide students through exercises and model answers to every essay question in the Students Book.


High Impact IELTSHigh Impact IELTS Students Workbook (NZ edition)

The workbook has extension exercises which students can complete alone. The New Zealand edition focuses on New Zealand topics, people and places and is a perfect partner to any student studying in New Zealand.




High Impact IELTSHigh Impact IELTS Students Workbook (Aus edition)

The workbook has extension exercises which students can complete alone. The Australian edition focuses on Australian topics, people and places and is a perfect partner to any student studying in Australia.


To purchase any of these textbooks, follow this link (opens in a new window) or contact us.

Debbie Kinsella has been actively involved in working with and developing training materials based around NZQA Unit Standards. She has worked in many different fields, from telecommunications to electrical engineering, and has worked closely with industry training organisations since 2008.


Patrick Bourne is an accredited assessor (Unit Standard 4098) and has worked for many Auckland based training providers to deliver a number of training packages.


Contact us for more information.

An increasing number of training providers are turning to the potential of online resources to reach their target market. The interactivity offered by online learning, as well as automatic functionality (such as grading and reporting) that can be established, make online learning resources the most effective and cost efficient method of presenting training both in-house and externally.


We have been working with Moodle (an open source learning management system) since 2006, and have developed a number of our own sites using Moodle. We have also been involved in supporting industry training organisations in the installation, customisation and development of their Moodle sites.


Using Macromedia Flash and Qarbon interactive, we can create e-learning material based on sound pedagogical principles.


Contact us for more information.

Following the success of IELTStestONLINE, our online IELTS preparation courses, we are now offering homestays with intensive IELTS classes.


Come and stay in the beautiful Waitakere Ranges, living with two English language teachers with many years in the industry. Eat, sleep, live and breathe English and IELTS to get the best possible result you can!


You will have your own room, meals are provided and there are no distractions or opportunities to speak your native language - we can even book your IELTS test for you in one of Auckland's 4 IELTS testing centres.


Click here to visit our IELTS homestay website.


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